Alternative Broadband

Mobile Data And LTE IOT 4G Internet Services

Fibre speed beating alternative broadband without the slow service delay of satellite broadband as well as being more cost effective,

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ACL Telco Ltd are deploying award winning technology to overcome the issues of slow and poor performing internet in rural and not so rural locations !


in the begining ACL delivered LTE IOT services to rural customers who struggled to get reasenable internet connectivity however over the last two years we have been able clients in towns and cities to acheive much higher speeds over the LTE IOT than that supplied by Openreach and BT.


if your in a town and connected to the Openreach network the chances are you are using a service called Fibre To The Cabinet or FTTC for short, this service will deliver anywhere between o to 80 Mbps which is pretty quick however LTE IOT could get you up around the 150 Mbps download and the upload is 50% higher generally than that of FTTC.


Prices are comparable to FTTC and the great news is you can drop that BT landline and if you want a telephone we will show you our Cloud VOiP telephone service at half the price of the BT landline and the calls are so cheap we only charge for calls to mobile telephones.


Self Installation Service

We also have a service for self innstall, you receive a box with everything in it to deploy and set up the service, we have a great little video with details on what to do.

everything that needs to be configured is done prior to shipping, you just open fix to the wall and off you go


Call 0808 165 0004 for details of costs and packages




Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband is rocket science! It's simple - a rocket was launched and when it arrived at the designated location in space it left a communications satellite in geo stationary orbit. We point a satellite dish on the ground at the satellite in space and there we have it; Broadband, yet another simple service from ACL Telco Ltd.


ACL Telco Ltd have access to two types of satellite broadband service in the UK, one powered by the Hughes range of ground satellites which will deliver Headline speeds of 15 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps Upstream with a huge range of monthly data plans to suite everyones needs.


The second service is based upon the Gilat range of ground satellites, this device will deliver Headline speeds of 30 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps upstream and once again a huge range of monthly data plans.


On the 30 Mbps Gilat based platform you can do away with your BT phoneline as we can install phone services over the satellite broadband service so you not only get a better broadband you reduce your costs by cancelling your phone line.


Talk to Mission Control and our Launch team will give you details of the serice Telephone on

Freefone: 0808 165 0004




Smart CACHE Increase Internet Capacity

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Smart CACHE Home or Smart CACHE Business, two simple devices to increase the capacity of your internet connection by up to 70% !

Smart CACHE is very smart, you simply insert the Smart CACH box in to the network between your internet connection and your customer connectivity, wireless or wired.

Turn on Smart CACHE and it will look and learn what your customers are viewing on the internet through the day and download the new version over night when the internet is not in use.

 The next day when they connect to the internet the Smart CACHE will look to see if the content they are looking for has been updated and stored overnight and deliver the information from the Smart CACHE rather than from the internet.

This makes the internet feel faster and it leaves the internet free for the other internet activity.

Smart CACHE really does increase the capacity of your internet using that quiete time where no one uses the internet, simple to use and very very clever.

We all need more internet capacity however we can use what we have far more effectivley and you could gain 70% more with Smart CACHE.

A fantastic device for caravan and holiday parks where lots of users will want to use the internet.

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